Women & Gender Perspectives On Faith, Belief And Understanding | Fall 2017


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This course will feature women’s contributions to, as well as perspectives on Christian faith, understanding & belief. We will read primary texts of writings by women, from the earliest Christian centuries through to the present, highlighting the diversities of women’s lives, and thereby authorizing a tradition of Christian women’s theological thinking.  As we read, we will pay close critical and contextual attention not only to the systemic  subordination of women, but to the ways women have forged paths and claimed their own voices, exercised leadership in ministry and mission, and organized for social change.

As we do we will ask how religious practices, institutions, and symbols have served and serve to reflect, reinforce and create diverse dynamics of gender identity, gender roles and representations, sexual identities and behaviors, including bodies as sites of both regimentation and resistance.  We will explore ways religious constructs may persistently subordinate women in relation to men’s dominance.

We will therefore begin with an analysis of women, gender, and power, paying particular attention to the workings of patriarchy and paternalistic dominance. Throughout we will engage women’s courage—sacred as well as subversive—to step outside assigned power relations, roles, and identities, to trust their own experiences and ways of thinking, and to self-define identities and sociocultural roles, and accordingly to re-imagine Christian faith, belief and understanding.

Clergy & CRCDS Alumni Use Coupon Code ‘crcdsaudit_clergyalum‘ for a $150 discount.