Mission From the Gospels | Mission Before the Gospel (Unit 1)



How do you usually start your journey-ventures? Some begin with a clearly charted route, a guidebook, and a GPS! Others start their journey by
venturing out and just seeing where the pathways lead. Then, there are those of us who like to have some idea where we’re going before we start
out; as we travel we like to make discoveries along the way and consult the guidebook for clarification and greater understanding before we travel on. Of course, if we are honest, we sometimes prefer to be “armchair” travelers who, in the comforts of home or familiar environs, read all about others’ journeys without venturing out ourselves.

The life of faith and discipleship has often been likened to a journey. This study of Mission from the Gospels attempts to take into account each type of traveler on the missional journey. Yes, even the armchair traveler may find this study “interesting.” But, of course, our hope is to encourage each of us to leave the comfort of the familiar and to actually venture out into the community on a missional faith-journey. May you find as you enter into this study a sense of
Christ’s presence. And, may you hear the call of Christ: “Come, follow me.”

Every journey begins with one step. You are about to take your first step into your journey; in fact, in Unit One, Mission before the Gospels, you may discover that you have already begun.