Stress Management

Categories: Continuing Education
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Course Overview

Stress is inevitable; it’s how we react to stressful situations that really makes the difference. Knowing what your stressors are and how to reduce the frequency and impact of stressful situations are the keys to stress management.

This workshop explores the causes of such stress, and suggests appropriate initiatives for the company and its employees to undertake.

Highlights of what participants will learn:

  • Understand that stress is a positive, unavoidable part of everybody’s life;
  • Recognize the symptoms that tell you when you have “chronic stress overload;”
  • Identify those situations in your life that cause you the greatest stress;
  • Identify those actions which add to your stress;
  • Develop strategies for changing both the situations and the actions that can be changed;
  • Develop techniques for dealing with the situations and actions that can’t be changed.

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